What Will I Learn?

Goal 1: Learn to Design for Maximum Impact

The ChangeX experience is built on the concept of design thinking. A lot of people think d.thinking is just for engineers and product designers, but the methodology is becoming increasingly crucial in fields ranging from entrepreneurship to international development. Gaining experience with design thinking will not only look great on your college applications, but also on your job applications for years to come. More importantly, the approach will enable you to be more effective and impactful in solving problems. With ChangeX, you’ll be guided through the design thinking process each step of the way with webinars, forums, and detailed activities for your team to conduct each week.

What Will I Learn?

Goal 2: Build High-Demand Technical Skills

In addition to our deep dive into design thinking, you’ll also receive guidance in building technical skills in the following categories: Coding, Storytelling, Building, and Career Foundations. To enable this, you’ll get access to a curated directory of hundreds of online tutorials, documentaries, articles, books, local classes, Instructables, and dozens of other types of activities you can complete in your own time during the summer. You aren’t expected to try them all – just the one’s you find interesting. You’ll receive points for each activity you complete that can be used to redeem prizes ranging from prototyping funds to equipment.

STORYTELLING | Build skills to communicate your vision with social media, graphic & web design, public speaking, and media production.

CODING | Learn the differences between various programming languages and develop skills in the language(s) that will be most useful for you.

BUILDING | Build skills in woodworking, CAD design, laser cutting, sewing, 3D printing, and learn to use hardware like Arduino & Raspberry Pi.

FOUNDATIONS | Practice skills in communication, teamwork, productivity, and project management.


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